Professor John Gathright

Doctoral Studies, Research and Professor at Chubu University

John obtained his undergraduate degree in International Business Management, graduating with honours, at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. His academic pursuits would later bring him to Nagoya University where Gathright obtained his Doctorate of Agriculture at the Graduate School of Biocultural Sciences

After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Gathright would join the faculty of Chubu University as a professor, and where he still lectures and conducts research.
John's career as an educator and curriculum advisor began many years earlier as an author writing books and columns that were widely adapted and used in Japanese national textbooks and university entrance exams.

At Chubu University, Gathright leads a special tree-climbing program for university students who are preparing for careers in special-needs education, as well as elementary and junior high school teachers.

Presently, Gathright is also leading a team of young researchers who are using tree climbing techniques to conduct canopy research. Examples include Musasabi (Japanese Giant Flying Squirrels) and Tardigrades.

Outside of the lecture hall, John conducts ongoing research, and frequently represents Chubu University at speaking engagements, as well as, media and promotional events.
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