Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker and Master Storyteller

Trees, Life, Culture, Family and More...

Dr. John is a fascinating bilingual communicator and inspirational speaker who has delivered thousands of speeches in Japan and abroad. 
He is as likely to be found dangling from a rope while talking to kids about trees, life and our planet, as he is addressing distinguished professors or presenting research. And he is equally at-home in front of small, informal groups as he is delivering keynote speeches in front of huge crowds on stages and in theaters.
Out on a Limb - Dr. John Gathright at TEDx Kyoto
He speaks from the heart with humour and passion to bring home a true message of courage, hard work, and big dreams, all with the aim of helping to make the world a better place. 

While Dr. John may be best known as a tree person, he also brings uniquely fun and interesting perspectives to family and social issues. He is a popular keynote speaker for government agencies, city halls, corporations, schools, universities, and NGO's.

John has a number of hobbies and passions providing inspiration for his talks. He has been known to play a few songs on his bagpipes on stage and have his audiences in stitches with his funny stories and comparisons between living in Japan and other countries around the world. 
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