TreeHab® (Tree-Assisted Therapy)

Tree-Climbing Therapy® and Tree-Assisted Therapy®

In 1997 Tree Climbing Japan started special tree climbing programs for people with special needs and challenges. Our adaptive and rehabilitative tree climbing programs gained tremendous momentum with Toshiko Hikosaka's historic Giant Sequoia Tree Climbing (TreeHab) success in 2000.

Since her climb (2000), TCJ has been developing, researching and creating special adaptive gear and programs for people of all abilities to climb trees for rehabilitation, relaxation, and recreation. 
As a pioneer in the Adaptive Tree Climbing and TreeHab, TCJ is active in working with universities, and other government agencies and organizations to design, create, and train people in purpose specific tree climbing activities.

Initially, TCJ facilitated and lead private adaptive and TreeHab activities but since 2010 TCJ works directly with groups and organizations to help individuals through various organizations to climb trees. This not only empowers the climber as well others outside of our Tree Climbing Organization who participate and help.
Since 2009 Chubu University has been leading Japan in training students so that they can hold special tree climbing experiences on campus.

Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of people with special needs to safely climb trees for therapy and fun. We have also worked with countless organizations and groups. In 2005 our TreeHab program went global as we held TreeHab Climbing in the World Expo 2005 Japan. Our TreeHab climbers shared their experiences and touch the lives of thousands during the Expo. 

Certification for TreeHab® Instructors?

We are often asked if we train or certify TreeHab Instructors...We don't. 

Founder Dr. John Gathright and a select number of instructors have traveled globally to demonstrate and give seminars on TreeHab and Tree Therapy but we don't certify special TreeHab instructors. 

We have learned over the years how important it is to realize the uniqueness of each person and every type of challenge. We do help groups and members with techniques and training but encourage them to create their own team of doctors, nurses, and specialists to work as a team with skilled tree climbers. We love our TreeHab activities. TCJ was founded to help people of all abilities climb trees for rehabilitation, recreation, relaxation, environmental education, and research. TreeHab and Tree Therapy are the roots of our organization. We love our Special Challenge Climbers and helping them reach new heights and challenges. We have learned to see better from our blind TreeHab climbers, We have learned how to “Sign” in the Tree Tops from our Deaf climbers, We have learned the true power of magic hands from our climbers who climb without fingers. We share the joys of leaving a wheel chair to walk on a tree limb. We have swung, smiled and laughed with our “Little Angles” children with Down Syndrome. We have cried and hugged our abused children way up in a TreeBoat as they shared their life and experiences. We have learned about all sorts of facts and trivia from our autistic climbers and taken blood sugar tests with our diabetic kids up in the tree tops. 

As an organization we have learned more than we ever taught. For these kids and all those that help them we are grateful.
"In the last movie I did, 'Above Suspicion', I played a paraplegic. I went to a rehab center and I worked with the people there so I could simulate being a paraplegic. And every day I would get in my car and drive away and go, 'Thank God that's not me.' I remember the smugness of that, as if I were privileged in a way. And seven months later, I was in this condition. The point is, we are all one great big family, and any one of us can get hurt at any moment... We should never walk by somebody who's in a wheelchair and be afraid of them or think of them as a stranger. It could be us - in fact, it is us."

- Christopher Reeve
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