Growing Village

Growing Village® 

Nature Experience Program at Aichi EXPO 2005

The theme of the 2005 World EXPO in Aichi, Japan was "Nature's Wisdom". The Nature Experience Program was aimed at offering participants the opportunity to consider this theme while experiencing four characteristic forms of nature.

John's Growing Village® - Playing with Nature was selected as one of the four characteristic form of nature. Children were encouraged to experience nature's wisdom and the process of "growing" through play, featuring such activities as tree climbing.
Growing Village

Themes of the Growing Village

  1. To Change our relationship with Trees.
  2. To Share the Joys and Wonders of Growing.
  3. To Grow a Happier and Healthier World.
Inspired by John's love for trees and his research in Tree-Assisted Therapy, the Growing Village was created with the belief that trees are our Friends, Teachers, and Doctors. This unique pavilion and park enabled people to experience the splendor and wonders of nature and trees. Its mission was to inspire people to become more intimate with trees and nature, and to incorporate the lessons of nature into our societies and daily lives.

Growing Village featured "growing furniture" and "circus trees" made with living trees that were enchanting and fun. The pavilion was the first in the world to bring together and display such works from various countries. The park was not only a visual delight but hands-on growing workshops help create a partnership with trees.

A true hands-on experience, visitors were offered the chance to climb a tree on site using specially-designed ropes and tree-climbing harnesses.
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